Fetish Friday: Wax Play

Welcome to fetish Friday where we are going to learn the more practical knowledge for trying out the weird stuff!  Kinks are fun!  Don’t lie; it’s fun to do weird complicated stuff in the bedroom.  Today we are going to learn about one of the tamer fetishes, but a fetish that causes a spectacular amount of mess and can easily result in injury when you don’t know what you are doing: wax play.

Let’s start off with types of wax.  For the sake of brevity we are going to limit ourselves to the three main types of wax: Soy, Paraffin, and Beeswax.  



Temperature Ouch Factor



Not Much Ouch

Paraffin 120-128°F

Medium Ouch

Beeswax 144-147 °F

Really Ouch


Soy based candles have the lowest burning temperature but due to their allergy risk are less common in wax play, so the most common candle that you will find are paraffin wax.  Paraffin wax is a nice middle of the road wax.  Beeswax despite its appeal for being all natural, burns very hot and is best left for more advanced wax play.  

Wax can come in two forms.  The most common way to buy wax is as a candle.  The candle comes with a wick and is great for a slow drip onto your partner. The other way is as bricks.  Bricks require a heat source but allow for a more rapid dispersal of wax.  For bricks I am partial to a crock-pot, as you can control the temperature easily and there is no open flame for me to set my head on fire with.  

So now you have bought your candles and you are 50 shades of excited to drip hot wax on people.  Before we get started let’s talk about equipment.  Wax play does not start with a candle.  If you are smart wax play starts with a tarp.  Wax play is messy.  There is no way around it, wax play is super messy.  The set up for wax play is going to look a lot like a scene out of Dexter to be quite honest.  Personally I am a big fan a shower curtain liner.  They are cheap, a reasonable size, and they are easy to get a hold of.  Also they are a lot nicer to lay on than ye olde blue tarp.

Get some sort of table to put your candles or crock-pot on.  Don’t set your candles on the floor. Don’t do it.  The person you are pouring wax on is going to flail and then something is on fire. Fire bad. Hair being set on fire is especially bad.

You are going to have to get the wax off of the person you are pouring it on eventually. This sounds simple.  I can assure you it can be a huge pain in the ass; the first time I tried wax play I spent a week finding wax places that I didn’t even know I had.  There is an easy solution.  Get yourself a bowl of ice water.  Put some metal spoons in the ice water (or dull dull knives depending on how you feel about knife play) and they will scrape the wax off really easily.  Credit cards are also a great option in terms of wax scrapers.

Wax play is a form of play that is easy to tailor to your partner.  The further away you are from the target the lower the temperature of the wax is when it reaches your target.  With wax play you can make something a tingle or a burning sensation.  Wax play is easy as long as you remember a few key things. Start up high.  Use a tarp.  Have a clean up plan in place.  And last, but certainly not least, tell your partner ahead of time so it doesn’t look like the opening to an episode of CSI when they come home.

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