Fetish Friday: Furries: The Whipping Boys Of The Internet


Let’s be completely frank here, everyone shits all over furries.  It’s awful, but that’s how it works.  Furries are a rather misunderstood bunch of people.  A furry is simply a person who likes to dress up like a humanoid animal.  That’s it.  Nobody is having sex with animals or enticing children.  It’s just people playing dress-up.  At the weirdest, furries are consenting adults having sex in costumes.  

Before we get too far into things let’s define a few words.  A fursona is an animal inspired identity that an individual has crafted.  Think of a fursona as someone’s OC.  Yiffing is when individuals have sex as their fursonas either online or in person.  A Fursuit is quite literally a fur suit; it’s a costume.  Plushophilia is when a person is sexually attracted to stuffed animals.  Not all furries are into plushophilia and not all individuals who are into plushophilia are furries; but the two do seem to have some overlap.  A Tailhole is a butt hole, no way around it.  It’s an anus.  

Furries are, by nature, anonymous and easy to identify.  A full fursuit stands out quite a bit when seen in public (they have become a standard sight at cons), and yet due to the fact that a fursuit has a full face covering they remain entirely anonymous.  A lot of furries also choose not to communicate verbally and instead rely on gestures and animal noises to communicate.  This makes it easy for people to see furries as lesser than or not as the people underneath the suits.

Human beings rely on facial cues heavily when communicating.  Not being able to see a person’s face can make it very hard to see them as trustworthy.  The lack of eye contact also prevents people from connecting someone’s fursona with them being a person on an instinctual level.

The anonymity of furries makes them an easy target.  They are easily identified as other.  The internet as a whole has not been kind to people who stick out too much.  It is a problem that humanity has faced for a long time.  

Furries, for the most part, are not creepy guys in trench coats.  They want nothing to do with children and are not running around bumming dogs.  Furries are just another evolution of role playing.  Consenting adults dressing up in costumes and having a grand ol’ time does not affect you in the slightest.  Even if you just look at furries from a cosplay aspect they are simply hardcore cosplayers who should be appreciated for their craft.

Not all furries even take part in yiffing.  Some furries just want to dress up in their fursuit and be an animal for a little bit and honestly that’s fine.  By modern standards that isn’t even weird.  Those that do partake in yiffing are doing so with consenting adults and that makes it no one else’s business.  You will never run across people yiffing at a convention.  No one is going to unzip their suit and start having crazy sex in the middle of the dealer’s room.  It is fine if yiffing freaks you out because you. don’t. have. to. watch.

Furries are real people.  Just because furries are easy targets doesn’t mean you need to be an asshole to them.  Wave back to them at conventions, don’t give them shit at clubs, and stop using the term as an insult.   Furries take off their fursuits and look just like you and me, with one exception: they go out into a world that does nothing but talk shit about what they do.  Sound familiar?  Yeah. I thought so.  

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