Sex Ed Saturday: The Ethical Slut

final sex ed saturdaySo let’s get this out of the way right now: there is not a damn thing wrong with sleeping around, there is nothing wrong with wearing skimpy clothes, and it really does not matter when you made you sexual debut.  What does matter is how you feel about these things.  To own your own sexuality is a sign of maturity and not everyone’s sexuality is going to be the same.  Shaming people for how they express their sexuality as healthy, consenting adult members of society is a ridiculous, antiquated notion and it’s time we all realized that. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: A Sexually Transmitted Disease Is Not The End Of The World

final sex ed saturday

Compassion should be ingrained into the very core of our beings as members of the queer and geek communities.  We have embraced the idea of being “other”, of being the outcasts.  We are the very picture of the kids who got picked last in gym class, and yet, we often fail to treat each other with compassion and acceptance when it comes to one issue in particular: STIs.  Medically speaking, we are at a point where we are either curing or living with these diseases, not dying from them.  A member of the queer community is more likely to contract an STI during their lifetime than any other group and yet, almost without fail, our communities ostracize and gossip about those who get infected as badly as the rest of society. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: Lies My Mother Told Me.

final sex ed saturdayOK, so not literally my mother.  She is a very open and very educated lady in terms of sex-ed (Hi Mom!). We’re talking about a theoretical mother.  The “average” mother/father/parent who does not discuss sex with their child frankly or who doesn’t educate their children adequately about their bodies.  These are the lies we learn when our sex ed is left to underfunded public schools and the internet (where we know that no one ever lies…). So let’s get started with “Sex Ed Saturdays” by educating ourselves with some basic truths. Continue reading

Consent and Conventions

A lot of going to a con is based around attention. Paying attention to lots of exciting things, gaining the attention of a celebrity or artist you are excited to meet, or getting attention for all of your hard work on a cosplay. The community as a whole needs to gain an understanding of the difference between good attention and bad attention. The phrase “Cosplay is not consent” has been a huge message at conventions for the past couple of years; and we need to talk about what that means, and also realize that fame isn’t consent either. Continue reading