Sex Ed Saturday: Lets Talk About Kink


final sex ed saturday

So everybody does the weird stuff, or at least thinks about trying the weird stuff, at least once in their lives.  Nobody is a deviant for a little bit of consensual spanking.  Everybody smacks or gets smacked in the bedroom at least once; I mean it happens.  However not everyone will dive into the kink community at large.  Eventually on our sex ed odyssey we will cover all sorts of specifics of kink but for now let’s talk about kink 101. Continue reading

Fetish Friday: Wax Play

Welcome to fetish Friday where we are going to learn the more practical knowledge for trying out the weird stuff!  Kinks are fun!  Don’t lie; it’s fun to do weird complicated stuff in the bedroom.  Today we are going to learn about one of the tamer fetishes, but a fetish that causes a spectacular amount of mess and can easily result in injury when you don’t know what you are doing: wax play. Continue reading