Fetish Friday: What What In The Butt

Ahoy there anal explorers! Today on Fetish Friday we are going to explore the wide and wonderful world that exists inside of your anus. This week we are going to talk about lube, pegging, and of course that everybody poops! So join me, your posterior professor, for this sphincter seminar. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: No Glove No Love: Contraception and Protection Part 1.

final sex ed saturday

So, first thing’s first. I know all of you know that condoms exist.  Everyone is aware that there is a little rubber tube you put a penis in before said penis participates in sexual contact.  We have all heard the myriad assortment of slogans from “no glove no love” to “don’t be a fool vulcanize your tool.”  Every teen movie seems to have some frustrated gym/health teacher handing out condoms while telling students that if they have sex, they will die.  In fact, my own pubescence was spent with the mantra “what are drugs? Bad. what are boys? Bad.” because interaction with penis-bearing individuals would result in my contracting thousands of STDs and dying.  As a result of my childhood mantra, safe sex has always been an obsession of mine.  To me, genitals are like comic books: unless it’s your own, you shouldn’t handle it without a protective sleeve.  That being said, barriers go beyond just covering penises in plastic and it’s time to talk about that.

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Fetish Friday: Wax Play

Welcome to fetish Friday where we are going to learn the more practical knowledge for trying out the weird stuff!  Kinks are fun!  Don’t lie; it’s fun to do weird complicated stuff in the bedroom.  Today we are going to learn about one of the tamer fetishes, but a fetish that causes a spectacular amount of mess and can easily result in injury when you don’t know what you are doing: wax play. Continue reading

Sex Ed Saturday: A Sexually Transmitted Disease Is Not The End Of The World

final sex ed saturday

Compassion should be ingrained into the very core of our beings as members of the queer and geek communities.  We have embraced the idea of being “other”, of being the outcasts.  We are the very picture of the kids who got picked last in gym class, and yet, we often fail to treat each other with compassion and acceptance when it comes to one issue in particular: STIs.  Medically speaking, we are at a point where we are either curing or living with these diseases, not dying from them.  A member of the queer community is more likely to contract an STI during their lifetime than any other group and yet, almost without fail, our communities ostracize and gossip about those who get infected as badly as the rest of society. Continue reading